We have been growing and hybridizing orchids for more than 20 years. We grow many Thai orchid genera such as Aerides, Ascocentrum, Bulbophyllum, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Paphiopedilum, Phalaenopsis, Rhyncostylis, Vanda as well as South American Cattleya and Laelia. We have both species and hybrid orchids to offer. Recently, we were very concerned about illigal over collecting Thai species orchids from the wild for exporting. Many wild collected species orchids were died during transportation and mishandling before reaching the final destinations. One way to help preserving our Thai species orchids is to offer seedlings that are artificially propagated from seeds.

We offer flask of species orchids and established species seedlings. There are two kinds of flasks that we offer. One is standard flask which contains about 20 to 40 seedlings depending on species orchids and size. The other is hobby flask which contains about 5 to 10 seedlings. We believe this will help to reduce collecting pressure on wild orchid populations. We sell only artificial propagated species orchids. We also have a lot of hybrids to offer too. A lot of our hybrids are primary hybrids that are exceptionally unusual crosses. A lot of these crosses were the results of our scientific study to find the relatedness among Thai species orchids, particulary Dendrobium species. We exert much effort to make new and extraordinary directions in hybridization.

Our nursery is located west of Bangkok. It is about three-hours drive from Bangkok. OUR OFFICE IS AS BELOW:


825 / 588 Moo 1, Pracha-uthid Road

Tungkru, Bangkok 10140, Thailand

Phone/Fax: +662-873-4705

Mobile: +669-987-2551

E-mail: kasornorchids@access.inet.co.th

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