Flask List - Last Updated on 12 March 2007.

Flasks are subject to availability. All flasks are listed on germination. However, we do take any advanced order. Please phone or fax or e-mail us for the updated flask list. Please make any enquiry to us for items that are not listed here. We'll be happy to tell you availabity of the enquired items. The following flask list contains the items that we intend to offer; however, not all the listed species flasks will be available at the same time. We would like to inform our customers that the most current and available flasks are listed in the CURRENT FLASK LIST web page. Please refer to this web page when you would like to see the most current available orchid flasks that we have to offer.

Standard Flask: The standard flask contains orchid seedlings ranging from 30 to 40 plantlets each, except Paphiopedilum seedlings, there are about 20 plantlets.

Hobby Flask: The hobby flask contains orchid seedling ranginf from 5 to 10 plantlets depending on the orchid species.

Species Orchids
Link to Photo
Acampe ochracea US $
Aerides crassifolia US $
Aerides falcata
Aer falcata
Aerides flabellata
Aer flabellata
Aerides houlletiana
Aer houlletiana
Aerides krabiensis
Aer krabiensis
Aerides multiflora US $
Aerides odorata US $
Aerides rosea US $
Arundina graminofolia  
Ascocentrum ampullaceum
Asctm. ampullaceum
Ascocentrum curvifolium
Asctm. curvifolium
Ascocentrum miniatum Asctm. miniatum
Bulbophyllum fascinator Bulb fascinator
Bulbophyllum lasiochilum Bulb lasiochilum
Bulbophyllum lobbii var. siamense Bulb siamense
Bulbophyllum longissimum Bulb longissimum
Bulbophyllum macranthum Bulb macranthum
Bulbophyllum putidum Bulb putidum
Bulbophyllum smitinandii Bulb smitinandii
Cattleya aclandiae  
Cattleya amethystoglossa US $
Cattleya bowringiana US $
Cattleya guttata C. guttata
Cattleya harrisoniana C. harrisoniana
Cattleya intermedia C. intermedia
Cattleya maxima C. maxima
Cattleya violacea US $
Cattleya walkeriana US $
Christensonia vietnamica Chris vietnamica
Cymbidium aloidfolium US $
Cymbidium ensifolium
US $
Cymbidium finlaysonianum Cym. finlaysonianum
Dendrobium anosmum Den. anosmum
Dendrobium aggregatum Den aggregatum
Dendrobium aphyllum Den aphyllum
Dendrobium aphrodite Den aphrodite
Dendrobium cretaceum Den cretaceum
Dendrobium cruentum Den cruentum
Dendrobium delacourii Den delacourii
Dendrobium draconis Den draconis
Dendrobium farmeri US $
Dendrobium formosum Den formosum
Dendrobium friedericksianum Den friedericksianum
Dendrobium hercoglossum Den hercoglossum
Dendrobium nobile Den nobile
Dendrobium parishii Den parishii
Dendrobium primulinum Den primulinum
Dendrobium pulchellum Den pulchellum
Dendrobium senile Den senile
Dendrobium tortile Den tortile
Doritis pulcherrima (Phalaenopsis pulcherrima)  
Doritis buyssoniana (Phalaenopsis buyssoniana)  
Eulophia andamanensis  
Eulophia burkei  
Eulophia graminea  
Eulophia macrobulbon  
Gastrochilus bellinus  
Gastrochilus obliquus  
Papilionanthe teres  
Paphiopedilum appletonianum  
Paphiopedilum bellatulum  
Paphiopedilum callosum  
Paphiopedilum concolor  
Paphiopedilum exul  
Paphiopedilum godefroyae  
Paphiopedilum niveum  
Paphiopedilum sukhakulii  
Paphiopedilum villosum  
Phaius tankervilliae  
Phalaenopsis buyssoniana (Doritis buyssoniana)  
Phalaenopsis cornu-cervi  
Phalaenopsis deliciosa (Kingidium decumbens)  
Phalaenopsis gibbosa  
Phalaenopsis lowii  
Phalaenopsis parishii  
Phalaenopsis pulcherrima (Doritis pulcherrima)  
Phalaenopsis sumatrana  
Phalaenopsis violacea  
Renanthera coccinea  
Renanthera isosepala  
Rhyncostylis coelestis  
Rhyncostylis gigantea White Peach Spots
Rhyncostylis retusa  
Seidenfadenia mitrata (Aerides mitrata)  
Spathoglottis lobbii  
Spathoglottis plicata  
Staurochilus dawsonianus (Tricoglottis dawsonianus)  
Staurochilus fasciata (Tricoglottis fasciata)  
Staurochilus gibbosicalcar  
Staurochilus ramosus  
Trias oblonga
US $
Trias picta US $
Trichoglottis triflora US $
Vanda bensonii US $
Vanda brunnea V brunnea
Vanda coerulea  
Vanda coerulescens US $
Vanda denisoniana US $
Vanda lilacina US $
Vanda liouvillei US $
Vandopsis gigantea Vandopsis gigantea
Vandopsis lissochiloides US $
Vandopsis parishii (Hygrochilus parishii) US $


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